New Year

By   January 5, 2017


1) This is a day to thank or loving and providing God for giving us an extension to our life till the year-end for all His blessings showered on us throughout the year 2016

2)    This is the last day of the year to evaluate our life in the past year.

  1. a) Did we return the love we received from our family members, co- workers, friends and neighbors? Did we practice the new commandment given by Jesus: “Love others as I have loved you”?
  2. b) Was I a barren fig tree in the Lord’s orchard by not practicing any virtues, or a grapevine producing bitter fruits of hatred, jealousy, prejudice and intolerance?
  3. c) Was I able to control my evil tendencies, sinful habits and dangerous addictions, relying on the power of the Holy Spirit living within me and invoking His assistance every day?
  4. d) Did I try to see the presence of Jesus within me and within every one who came in contact with me? Did I  try to honor and respect each of them?
  5. e) Was I grateful to God who extended my life to see another year, who blessed me with bodily and mental health and who healed me from my illnesses?
  6. f) Did I find time every day to listen to God by reading and meditating on a portion of the Bible? Did I talk to Him in personal and family prayers?
  7. g) Did I realize the truth that the gift of time is God’s precious gift, and one hour wasted or misused a day is 15 days wasted or misused in the passing year for which I am accountable?

3)    This is a day of seeking God’s pardon and forgiveness for our sins and failures and a day to prepare working promises for the New Year, resolving not to fall into the same sinful habits. 

4)    Year end is the day to offer our life to God on the altar and pray for   extra strength and divine assistance and daily fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit every day of the New Year, 2017